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How does ADHD feel like?

Miltä ADHD tuntuu? (How does ADHD feel like?) is an innovative communications campaign about adult ADHD, its recognisability and awareness. The multi-channel campaign took health informing to a new era with the help of gamification and experience experts. A video to support the campaign reached 161,000 total views on YouTube and directed the audience to search for more information.

Adult ADHD at the heart of the campaign

Finns are nowadays familiar with childhood ADHD and the symptoms are well recognized. ADHD in adults is quite common at the population level. Adult ADHD, however, may be initially interpreted as another disease, such as depression or anxiety. In addition, the symptoms of the symptomatic patient are not always taken seriously. Adult ADHD should be discussed more, the disease should be diagnosed faster and symptomatic persons should be encouraged towards treatment at a lower threshold.

Takeda wanted to reform health informing and put experienced and peer experts at the heart of the campaign instead of the traditional authority-driven informing. The FULL ADHD – Täyttä elämää mobile game, developed by Psyon Games, was created in collaboration with an expert psychiatrist, the Finnish Association for ADHD and experiential operators in order to raise awareness.

The multi-channel campaign was noticed

The campaign’s central communications tool was a 90-second video providing insights into the inner world of an ADHD person and inviting people to download the game. The video increased people’s understanding and knowledge of the impact of ADHD on the functioning of an individual. It concretized the chaotic situations of the everyday life of a person suffering from ADHD and explained the means to cope in those situations. The situations were peer-reviewed by experiential operators of the Finnish Association for ADHD. Different versions of the video were created for different digital channels.

For the campaign, radio adverts were created for national radio channels to be aired for three weeks. Both the radio adverts and the videos directed people to download the mobile game. The campaign was also supported by digital advertising.

A visual look was designed for the campaign that combined the game’s graphic world and a creative perception of the range of emotions experienced by persons with ADHD. The visual look was reflected in the video, on the campaign site, on the campaign’s social media accounts and in the promotional materials.

The communicative health informing was supported by the campaign’s content marketing article and media communications.

The campaign has clearly increased the awareness and recognition of ADHD symptoms in adults. We have received praise from the experiential ADHD operators, the Finnish Association for ADHD and healthcare professionals for providing modern, digital and experiential health information. The campaign provides a multi-sensory opportunity to experience what ADHD can feel like. From our point of view, this is unique compared to other health informing campaigns”.”

Laura Aulanko, Business Unit Director, Takeda

161 000

video views on YouTube


The Pharmaceutical Information Act
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