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The strategy lives on in communications.

Do you need a new communication strategy, quick sparring, extensive communication collaboration or a trusted consultant with whom you can brainstorm? We’re here for you.

Let’s create communication that makes an impact.

How could we help you and your company with communication? Does your crisis communication need to be refined, do you need publicity for your responsible actions, or does your employer image require a little polishing? Do you want to participate in the public discussion more strongly or are you looking to become the thought leader in your own field?

Communication strategies, communication plans and consultation and sparring are our core services. We know what is happening in the world, how to prepare for crises and how to tackle societal themes. Together, we will create communication that has an impact.

Long-term and recognisable communication builds reputation – both internally and externally. Together with you, we will polish your communication strategies and help you and your company become the thought leader in your own field. The increase of media visibility often helps.

We also offer coaching for media interviews, public speaking and social media. By preparing for media encounters, presenting and social media content production, you can become one of the most influential communicators in your own field.

How can we help?

  • Communication strategies
  • Communication plans
  • Communication consulting
  • Change communication
  • Media communication
  • Crisis preparedness
  • Media coaching
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Social media training
  • Writing skills training

Would you like to learn more?

Susana Isohanni
Senior Communications Consultant, Partner
+358 40 560 4849

Our work

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Our other services


Branding is the recognition, articulation and visual representation of one’s own distinctiveness. 

Marketing and communication

In addition to the latest digital skills, we also need the ability to create emotions.

Content and production

We implement content marketing from the creative idea to production, distribution and measuring of results.