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ENEDO — Brand

Drum created a new brand for the listed company Efore

EnEnedo (formerly Efore) sold its telecommunications business last year. The transaction also included the company name and the entire brand. The focus of Enedo’s operations also changed: the company decided to focus on the design and manufacture of power electronics products and systems for the industrial sector. Enedo faced an acute need to renew its brand identity, story and visual look to make these reflect the company’s strategy.

Comprehensive preliminary study as the starting point

Drum’s team and the international management team of Efore started to work on the new brand in joint workshops. The objective was to get to the core of the multicultural company’s operations and highlight the brand’s strengths in relation to its competitors. Based on the workshops, a brand story encapsulating the company’s brand identity was created. The brand story is based on strong technological know-how, industry knowledge and Enedo’s products being suitable for even the most challenging environments.

The slogan “Reshaping Electricity” and the tagline “Amps With Passion” were created in the same process, describing the operations of the company and its passion for action. The new name Enedo reflects energy and the spirit of getting things done. The new name had to work in all the required languages and it had to be possible to register the name in all of Enedo’s operating countries

Visual look based on brand identity

Enedo’s strong and recognisable look is based on its brand identity. Drum’s goal was to create a contemporary look for Enedo that would endure time and fit the company’s operating industry. The logo combines the idea of making electricity fit for its purpose with Enedo’s strong forward-looking can-do attitude.

Enedo’s brand work consisted of, for example, creating the brand identity and story, a new name, key messages for different target groups, a slogan and the definition of the company’s visual identity. Drum also compiled a brand book that contains a wide range of graphic instructions as well as examples of the application of the visual look.

For us, the new name and brand provide a great opportunity to start implementing our new strategy. The process lasted almost six months and was challenging, especially because we wanted to involve our staff from different business areas and countries in the design process. Our company, formed through a few acquisitions, is now more clearly the kind of Enedo that reflects what we want to be and achieve.”

Vesa Leino, CEO of Enedo Plc

Maija Tommila
Managing Director, Partner

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