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Drum designed a new, bold and fresh look for the Deaconess Foundation

The Helsinki Deaconess Foundation changed its name to Deaconess Foundation and renewed its visual look at the same time. Drum’s work involved creating a new logo and renewing the foundation’s visual look. A modern and versatile design was also created, inspired by the old buildings in the Alppila quarter of the Deaconess Foundation.

Starting point

Drum began the visual renewal work by conducting a comprehensive preliminary study among the employees of the Deaconess Foundation. The study explored impressions about the Deaconess Foundation’s old visual look and mapped out ideas about the new visual look. The work continued in a joint workshop. The results showed that the Deaconess Foundation clearly wanted a more youthful look that would still respect the long history of the foundation.

The flaming heart took on a new form

The Deaconess Foundation’s wishes for a more playful and bolder look were taken into consideration during the design process. The reform also wanted to highlight the warmth, joy and caring that are important to the Deaconess Foundation’s brand. The Deaconess Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides social welfare services and operates nationwide. It provides services to people who are at risk of being marginalised in our society.

The result was a simple new logo that allows different interpretations. The logo depicts the flaming heart that was also included in the previous logo of the foundation. The brand images highlight the diverse target group of the Deaconess Foundation and include some touching details. To support the look, we also created a beautiful and modern design inspired by the old decorative patterns on the windows and walls of the buildings in the Deaconess Foundation quarter.

It was easy to work with Drum and the new visual look has been received very positively. I think the reform was a great success and we have received excellent feedback about the new look.”

Laura Niemi, Communications Director, Deaconess Foundation

Mari Kuusinen
Senior Communications Consultant
+358 40 196 4374

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