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Drum renewed the look of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Drum designed a new look for the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that reflects the diversity of the ministry in a modern way. The Ministry’s logo and graphic look were renewed in the visual reform, and a brand video presenting the ministry’s versatile field of activity was created.

Starting point for the visual look

The logo and the new visual look were inspired by topography and ground surface shapes. The look can also be connected with the idea of different surface types and layering. The look and its applications also reflect the ministry’s diverse field of activity. The colours of the logo reflect the colours of Finnish forests, fields and lakes.

One of the starting points guiding the logo’s design process was the inclusion of the lion that unites all ministries.

In connection with the visual renewal, the images the Ministry uses were also renewed: the images were intended to demonstrate how versatile the field of activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is and how it affects people’s everyday lives.

The aim of the renewal was to make clear changes and break away from the previous visual look. We wanted to renew the visual image of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to better correspond with the diversity of our operations. The new look has been received very positively both inside and outside the ministry.”

Janne Impiö, Communications Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

New images

Along with the visual look, also the ministry’s imagery was renewed. The images were to portrait how the ministry’s field of work effects people’s everyday lives.

Photography by Matti Immonen / Smak Film Oy

Kristiina Heikkonen
Account Director
+358 44 050 6005

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